Next project: folders for your Twitter bookmarks

I use Twitter a lot, and I also save useful Tweets in my Twitter bookmarks so I can refer back to them later, or for longer threads or posts, so I can read them later.

However, Twitter is lacking in a couple of basic bookmarking functionality, i.e. folders and search for bookmarks.

I did a quick search on Twitter and found that lots of people have been asking for this too, so I thought I would have a go at creating a solution.

The vision for this product would be to combine private and public bookmarks so you can not only save but also share your bookmarks.

This is by no means a new concept - bookmarking apps have been done to death. But I think there's room for a Twitter-specific bookmarking tool that a) integrates tightly with Twitter, and b) provides a UX that's tailor-made for reading tweets.

Well that's the hypothesis, so this will be an experiment to test that :)